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amyfortuna: (sun in the shape of a girl)

encompass worlds

but never try to encompass me

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Created on 2009-04-07 22:10:51 (#19104), last updated 2019-02-24 (8 weeks ago)

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Website:amyfortuna @ AO3
Hi! I'm amyfortuna, but my friends call me E. I'm an American living in Scotland.

I've been involved in fandom proper since 1999 and the hot mess that was Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. However, I've been involved with Tolkien's work since I was a six-year-old reading The Hobbit for the first time, thrilling over dragons, Elves, and magical glowing gems. That is the sort of thing you don't recover from: 30 years later I'm writing incest porn about FĂ«anorians and loving it!

Along the way I've dipped a toe and sometimes my entire self in a lot of fandoms; in addition to Star Wars and Tolkien, they've included various iterations of Star Trek, Babylon 5, Buffy and Angel, Firefly, Narnia, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Rosemary Sutcliff's books, Torchwood, MCU, Sentinel, Highlander, and hundreds of little book or movie fandoms.

I'm a multishipper, mainly of slash, femslash, and poly ships, but now and again the odd het ship grabs my attention. I love larger-than-life characters, epic storylines, and eucatastrophe. I have a loyalty kink you could see from space, and a deep abiding weakness for turning tragedy into heroic triumph. I write like I'm running out of time and I don't so much read as swallow books and fic whole.

I attend a con or two when I can: Nine Worlds, BiCon, and Redemption tend to be my faves.

Away from fandom, I do activism, a day job, study, work on freelance things/original fiction, and cope with what seems to be an ever-increasing collection of health problems, some fairly common, some ridiculously rare. Sometimes these things mean I can't participate in fandom as much as I'd like, so if you and I are having a conversation and it's taking me a while to come back to you, that's probably why.

Please feel free to add me and talk to me, I love it! At the same time, also feel free to remove me if our interests aren't converging or if you're overwhelmed and too busy. You absolutely have the right to moderate your own reading as you see best, and I won't take it personally.

Interests (140):

activism, agender, agents of shield, ambarussa, andreth, angel, ao3, arwen evenstar, babylon 5, baking bread, bashir/garak, beowulf, bi community news, bicon, bifrost, bisexuality, blind guardian, blood feud, bodie/doyle, buffy/willow, butterflies, captain america, captain jack harkness, channing tatum, darren hayes, doctor who, doctor/jack, doctor/master, dragons, due south, earendil, eastercon, edinburgh, elrond, elros, elves, elvish, elwing, esca, f/f, fandom, fanfiction, fanzines, farmer giles of ham, farscape, feanor, feanorian ot8, femslash, fingon, fingon/maedhros, finrod, firefly, frontier wolf, geeks, genderqueer, ginger, girls, hamilton, harry potter, heroes, highlander, history of middle-earth, hobbits, holmes/watson, hypnotism, innerspace, inside man, intersex, jean luc picard, jessica jones, kaylee/inara, kaylee/river, kittens, kiva, lady gaga, leaf by niggle, legolas/gimli, lgbt pride, loki, lolcats, lord of the rings, lush cosmetics, m/m, maedhros, maglor, marcus flavius aquila, martha jones, marvel cinematic universe, mickey/jake, narnia, nerdanel, nine worlds, noldor, oysterband, paganism, polyamory, polyfic, queen, queer porn, quenya, qui-gon/obi-wan, ragdoll cats, rainbows, redemption, remus/sirius, river song, river/simon, root beer, rosemary sutcliff, same-sex marriage, savage garden, science fiction, scotland, scott pilgrim, scottish national party, sentinel, sherlock, sherlock/john, silmarillion, silmarils, sindarin, slash fiction, smallville, smith of wootton major, sons of feanor, spike/angel, star trek, star wars, stardust, stargate, sword at sunset, technopaganism, the eagle, the force awakens, the noldor, the sentinel, the silmarillion, thor, tolkien, torchwood
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